Andy Dossett


University degree in Biological Imaging.
Diploma in Environmental Management.
Worked for several years in the UK involved in Environmental Education, interspersed with World Travel & Photography Tuition, before taking up a career in Radio Communications.
Following a 2 year break, spent mostly in China and the Indian subcontinent, I am now concentrating my efforts on my passion for Photography.

To obtain a sense of realism I have followed a code of minimal interference, whereby the people in my images are never directed or positioned. If the subject chose to adopt a pose it was impulsive & purely voluntary.

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A note on gear: In this consumer-driven World, we all seem to be a little over-obsessive with the means rather than the end. Pictures featured here have been shot on a 45 year old Pentax, a sub-$100 2nd hand Nikon D50, basic compact ,and others on a pro-spec full-frame Nikon D700. Anyone who can spot which are which will receive a signed print and an award for exemplary guessing. ;)